Fast and Reliable Access.

Welcome to Tennessee Wireless, a high-speed internet access provider with the fastest and most reliable internet service available in Hickman County, for home, business, and hot spot service on the square.

Cutting Edge Technology.

With Tennessee Wireless, our cutting-edge technology utilizes a locally-based network of communication towers and fiber optics that bypasses the typical limitations of speed and reliability that plague other provider’s offerings.  That means no phone lines, no modems, and no satellite dishes.

Best Customer Service.

In addition to the benefit of the latest technology, Tennessee Wireless also brings a new approach to customer service with a variety of month-to-month service options with no contracts, no termination fees, no monthly quotas on bandwidth usage, and 24 hours/day, 7 days/week technical support.

Affordable Rates.

Review the difference service plans available and get your high-speed internet connection today!



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